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what are the reasons to have a micro wedding?


The Coronavirus pandemic has forced couples all over the world to cancel and postpone their wedding plans. It’s an absolutely heartbreaking situation for everyone involved. You’ve been planning your wedding for many months, even years and you have this idea in your mind of how it will look and who will be there – I get it. It sucks that your wedding may not happen how you planned it this year.

But what if it could still happen?

What if you could still marry the love of your life this year?

Yes, it may look a little different, but it could be just as magical. Just a different kind of magical.

I haven’t photographed a full wedding since February but I have been fortunate enough to capture a few Micro Weddings.

These Micro weddings were unbelievably special, intimate and romantic.

They adhere to all the government’s guidelines (at the time) of less than 30 people and allow proper social distancing protocols to be in place.

I highly recommend you consider potentially tying the knot with a micro wedding this year and save the big party celebration for next year- and god knows we’ll need a party!

Marry now, party later!

1. It’s super relaxed and there’s no strict schedule.
This means more time to be with your new husband/wife and really take in your wedding day. It won’t go by in such a blur as you can slow down and appreciate every detail. There will also be plenty more time for choosing the perfect time for your couple photos as there’s no DJ or band to get back to at sunset!

2. You can be 100% you.
If this means you don’t want to wear a big white dress, then don’t! Wear that fancy two-piece, that white jumpsuit or even a coloured wedding dress! If you don’t want a bouquet, you don’t have to. A Micro wedding allows much more flexibility to pick the traditions you want to follow and ignore the ones you don’t.

3. You get to share it with the very most special people.
This could be just your immediate families or your closest friends. By only having such important people at your wedding day, it makes it much more intimate and special for you both. Everyone will know each other and the atmosphere is so full of love.

4. You’ll have a chance to talk to everybody you invite.
One thing I always hear from my couples post-wedding, is that they never got a chance to speak to certain guests at their wedding. On a full wedding day, there’s so much happening, there is a strict schedule to stick to because otherwise you just wouldn’t fit it all in! By having a smaller guest list, you’ll get a chance to talk to everyone you invite.

5. You’ll have more budget to spend on the important things, such as your wedding photographer!
I mean, obviously, I’m going to say this. But it’s not just your photos, you could now afford a more expensive wedding meal or better cake as there are fewer guests to feed.

What costs you are saving on your smaller guest numbers can be put towards other areas of your wedding day.

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